Ten most forgotten items

With the intense hustle and bustle of moving, it is important to remember important items that may be easily forgotten during your move. You can take some basic steps to ensure that even the smallest items are not forgotten or misplaced. At Velocity Moving, we suggest keeping in mind the following considerations so you can be fully prepared:


Vital Records


Getting copies of all medical records for your family such as dental and immunizations is of utmost importance. Make certain that the family pet’s veterinary records are also copied. Oftentimes notarized letters are needed for official documentation and contacting the American Medical Records Associates is advised to make sure you are compliant. If you have any prescriptions, remember to transfer them. An additional vital record that you may need is your child’s school record.


Valuables around the home


If you have hidden valuables at your home, it is important to gather these together prior to moving. Every valuable item of jewelry should be kept in a safe and secure deposit box instead of on a moving truck.


Accessing important phone numbers


Tale all of your old phone directories with you because it can be hard to remember even often dialed numbers. You may end up spending extra fees to use directory assistance when you need to get in touch with friends and family.


Dry cleaning items


If you have any items at your dry cleaners, remember to get them before the move. Whether they are plain, repaired, or stored. You can also return any videos, library books, or other checked out items.
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